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What is Ultherapy?

Medical technology has seen advancements of leaps and bounds, and Ultherapy® is testament to that. This facial lifting method uses ultrasound energy to lift and firm the skin naturally without surgical procedures.

This results in a younger and brighter look from the brow to the chest. Clinical research has proven its safety and reliability. More than 1 Million such treatments have been conducted throughout the globe.

It is the only U.S. FDA-cleared technique aimed at lifting skin under the chin, on the brow and neck. It also boosts the look of lines and wrinkles on the upper chest areas.

Apart from being FDA-cleared, it is also a recipient of the European CE mark. This approval was given for its non-surgical dermatological shaping and lifting of the upper and lower face, neck and upper chest areas.

It indicates that the treatment conforms to safety, health and environmental protection standards in the European Economic region.

The Ultrasound Process

Ultrasound energy accurately targets the skin’s deep structural layers without affecting the surface. Once complete, the body’s tissue repair system triggers new collagen production to establish a natural facial lifting reaction.

Expected Results

One pressing concern for many is the time required for Ultherapy to take effect. This is determined by the treatment location; the process lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Different patients experience different results. While some see an immediate effect, others see it after a few months or even up to half a year after the procedure.


Non Invasive
Low Downtime
Natural Results

Ultherapy Technology

During the process of Ultherapy®, the certified practitioner uses ultrasound imaging to distinguish the key tissue layers for collagen revitalisation.

This sees that ultrasound energy is effectively supplied to areas that benefit the most. The outcome is collagen development where it is most needed.

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